The Talented Mr. Rumsby

19 June 2013

I’m blogging today about a dear friend who is doing a brave and delightful thing:  listening to his muse and making wonderful art!

Not too long ago, he was a  corporate PR executive working for a global brand.

For years, he also was a weekend painter in between being a devoted parent…but one day, he saw an opportunity to take that leap of faith that these days it seems few really trust themselves well enough to do.

Michael F Rumsby Painting
Painting  by Michael F. Rumsby

It helps to know you’re quite good at something and with focus will only get better.  But it’s also essential to have the self-confidence to just take the plunge once you’ve thought things through.  My friend saw an opening to do this and he did it;  today, only 8 months later, he has an art agent, excellent commissions that he’s working on, and nice income too!

[P.S.  He doesn’t know I’m writing about him so I hope he won’t mind my gushing a bit about him and his work because on top of everything else he’s quite a modest guy.]

The moral to this story is that it’s ok to take risks, particularly when you’ve been thoughtful, realistic and absolutely convinced that you must do it.  Because those are risks worth taking.  While you can’t guarantee success, you can guarantee that you’ll be miserable if you don’t try.


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